WinPark LPR - Parking management system


Product code: BIT-WinPark-LPR

WinPark is an inovative parking management system for paid and long term parking. Unlike most of the market today, it is based on License Plate Recognition. Therefore, it has two major advantages: 1. There are no consumables involved (tickets, cards, tokens) with major impact over operating costs and ecology, and 2. Because the subscribed long-term parkers don't have to stop anymore to open the car's window and introduce a ticket/card/token in a machine, the car flow is increased considerably, therefore shortening the queues. Even more, because of the technology used - CCTV IP cameras - , the cost of the system is considerably less than any other system based on tickets, cards or tokens

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WinPark LPR - Parking management system WinPark LPR - Parking management system

WinPark is a parking management system based on Automatic License Plate Recognition