The Trilock 900 revolving turnstile consists of one frame, comprising electronics and a tripod mechanism, which can be customized with various exchangeable cladding elements. This modular concept provides a variety of models to match existing style elements in all possible surroundings.

The attractive design of the new revolving turnstile Trilock 900 makes it particularly suitable for environments such as reception areas in corporate, governmental and financial offices, museums and passenger terminals. The Trilock 900 is simple to install directly onto the finished floor or even onto a temporary portable floor.

The Microboon control unit of the Trilock 900 rotary turnstile is multi-functional and allows parameter settings to be made via bluetooth and service with the help of GPRS connection through the Teleboon service. It can transmit information about the status of the turnstile via the Internet to a laptop.

Power supply 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Weight 90 kg
Capacity 15-20 people/minute
Optional accessories Beacons, card reader, control panel
Size Length of units - 900-1080 mm

Passing width – 437-492 mm

Length of arms – 387-442 mm

Height of the arms on the floor – 872-892 mm

Unit height – 1000 mm

Unit width – 230 mm