The Turnlock 300 belongs to the perimeter security products of Boon Edam and offers an optimal security control for outdoors and indoors. This high security product is appropriate for both inside and around a building and matches any surrounding environment because of its neutral stainless steel finishing.

The Turnlock 300 has a compact and transparent design. The curved walls are made from stainless steel tube frames. The mechanism has a dust cover and the canopy can be equipped with a water-resistant top cover. This is a curved shaped top of tinted  polycarbonate mounted on top of the standard canopy.

The Turnlock offers continuous access in the same direction for authorised persons. Access control is possible in two directions, however not simultaneously. The Turnlock 300 has three door wings creating an optimal comfort zone to pass through with small luggage. The Turnlock 300 is available as a single or double unit, where two Turnlocks will be integrated into one tube frame unit.

Capacity 15 passes / minute in both directions
Weight Model simplu – 400 kg <br/>
Double model - 700 kg
Power source 230 VAC, 50 Hz
Consumption Model simplu – 30W <br/>
Dual model - 60W