The Boon Edam control acces door Circlelock is to be found in areas where a high level of security has to be balanced with ease and speed of operation. With a Circlelock, surveillance by a third party, such as guards, is no longer necessary. You will often find our Circlelock in government buildings, banks, airports and corporate offices. The control access Circlelock consists of two sliding doors, which will open one after the other, creating an interlocking security booth. The Circlelock is a bi-directional security door allowing entry and exit in turn. Several security systems are available with the Circlelock to verify the authorised user in the door:

Weight system
Two-zone contact mat and sensor systems
One-zone contact mat

Diameter intre 1000 mm si 1500 mm
Power supply 200-240 VAC, 50/ 60 Hz
Power consumption 250W