Automatic sliding door operator TORMAX Win Drive 2201


Product code: 65

WinDrive 2201 is a compact sliding door sistem drive with its timeless design. Quick and easy installation; the Slidedoor´s standard range offers a reliable solution for straight-line opening doors suitable for any location, from discreet acces to industrial units to pestigious company offices with their own individual character.

                one leaf *                                    double leaf **

Operating Drive  Win Drive 2201

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Technical specifications
System length min.1706mm* - min.1766mm**
Passage width 800-2200mm* - 800-2900mm**
Header cross-section (HxT) 100x142mm - 100x204mm (Tel.)
Max. leaf weight <=1x120kg* - <=2x100kg**
Opening speed 8-80cm/s* - 16-160cm/s**
Hold-open time 0,5-120s
Mains supply 115VAC/60Hz or 230VAC/50Hz,160VA
Courses of motion and power freely adjustable
Protection glass IP22
7 Inputes activators (2), key switch (1) safety devices (2) programmable inputs (2)
3 Outputs electric lock controls (2) programmable output (1)
Ambient temperature -20°C to 50°C

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