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Sectional garage doors and up-and-over garage doors for residential purpose

Our current industrial doors are the best solution for industry: warehouses, production halls, hangars, auto service sites, etc.. Our range includes industrial sectional doors, industrial doors and wallets - harmonics.
Industrial door systems have several advantages, all very important.
First they represent the company image, that of making entry to the premises and industrial buildings must have a design that enjoyable.

On the other hand, industrial door systems greatly simplify the work of people and are extremely quiet.
Other advantages of industrial doors are their high durability, safety in operation, resistance to external factors and labor efficiency.

TORMAX automatic sliding and swing doors, with operators made in Switzerland and German aluminum

BOON EDAM is the leading manufacturer of revolving doors in the world today.
It offers a vast range of options for the revolving doors, starting from diameters of 1600mm up to 7400 mm, classifying those over 3600 mm as high-capacity doors. As this name suggests these doors can handle large volumes of people and also provide adequate space for luggage trolleys, stretchers or shopping carts or trolleys. This makes these doors particularly suitable as entrance doors for airports, leisure centers, hotels, supermarkets, shopping malls and hospitals.

Revolving doors and turnstiles for pedestrian access control in buildings and areas with various security needs

To control the autovehicles access, we provide a comprehensive range of barriers, bollards, and parking management systems

Metallic rolling shutters from aluminum or steel, thermally insulated or not, metallic rolling grilles, fire resistant curtains.

Dock levellers and dock shelters are vital accessories for loading systems.

Doors for hospitals, pharmaceutical area, food industry. Doors can be hermetic / semihermetic / sealed, swinging, sliding doors, manual or automated. The doors can be made of HPL, glass or stainless steel.

Automatic gate openers for sliding and swing gates and hardware for gates

Modules and components for access automation: garage doors, industrial doors, automatic doors, revolving doors, barriers, turnstiles, gate openers.

Service, repairs and maintenance for garage doors, industrial doors, automatic sliding and swing doors, revolving doors, automated gates, barriers, access control.

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