Recommended for: commercial centers with 7/7 days activity, very high traffic and no alternate access, and other critical buildings

Most frequently, our customer's wish is to have a door with minimal malfunctions, and if they occur, then to have a minimum downtime. The probability of a malfunction increases with traffic. Also the inconvenience created by the malfunction of the door is directly proportional with the traffic. For the customers with 7/7 days activity, very high traffic and no alternate access, we have created the maintenance subscription "Platinum". We have decreased the intarvention time to 3 hours, including the weekends and holidays, we have included all the spareparts in the subscription therefore our service personnel replaces them automatically, without waiting for the customer's approval. The intervention interval is increased to 18h (06.00h-24.00h) per day, and the phone support interval is non-stop (24/24). In order to avoid the malfunctions, we make preventive maintenance revisions 6 times per year. The subscription price differs, of course, by the type of the door: garage, industrial, swing, sliding, automatic, revolving, gate openers, barriers, turnstiles, access control

Revisions 6 / year
Interventions Unlimited
Intervention time 3h
Intervention schedule Monday-Sunday 06.00h – 24.00h
Spare parts Included
Telephone support non-stop
Discount on other serv. 25%