WinDoors - garage doors with glazing panels are often used for garage doors having insufficient day light. WinDoors garage door with glazing panels is made of polyurethane sinsulated sandwich panels 40mm thick and glazing panels with rubber frame and acrylic glass. The surface of the panels have a STUCCO or woodgrain finish and are protected by a polyesteric paint in standard white and brown. WinDoors garage doors have seals between the sections and around all 4 sides of the door. If used in normal conditions, the panels have a10 years warany against corrosion. For better comfort, we can add to the garage door a remotely controlled automatic opener.

Panel height 495-500/610-615 mm
Operating the garage door Manual or automatic
Garage door insulation It is made with EPDM gaskets on all 4 sides of the garage door and between the panels
Garage door dimensions L max. 5000 mm h = 200 mm for normal rails /// H max. 3000 mm h = 70 mm for low rails without motor /// H standard <= 2350 mm h = 100 mm for low rails without motor ///
Panel surface STUCCO or wood imitation
Panel type ribbed
Standard colour white RAL 9016 and brown RAL 8017
Thermal insulation heat transfer coefficient k = 0.5 W / m²K
Panel thickness 40-42 mm
Optional components locks, handles, recessed pedestrian door, exterior unlocking kit, electric drive, outdoor photocells